Language Coaching

Our tailor-made language courses are not only available in English, but also in Spanish, French, Italian, German and other languages.

  1. Internationally accredited ELC Language Coaches
  2. Efficient and powerful goal setting process
  3. Continued motivation, feedback and assessment
  4. Specialised Language Coaching available for a wide range of topics

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Intensive Workshops
  1. Needs analysis before and follow-up after workshop to ensure best results
  2. Focused and intensive learning through coaching method, highly interactive
  3. Wide range of topics
  4. International locations
  5. All workshops also available as in-house workshops

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Virtual Courses
  1. Live and interactive online Language Coaching
  2. Connect online with your Language Coach
  3. Flexible and convenient
  4. Available in English and other languages
  5. Wide range of topics available

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Neurolanguage Coaching: Brain Friendly Language Learning


– why the brain blocks when learning a language
– which coaching and teaching methods are brain-friendly – and which are brain-zappers
– how to harness principles of coaching and neuroscience to give your learner fantastic results, every time.

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Readers comments

"An introduction to Neurolanguage Coaching which I found fascinating and valuable."


"I have taken Rachel Paling's courses and this book is a useful summary of her ideas. It gives a great overview of what neuroscience-informed coaching can do for any language teacher/student or student/coach relationship. This book will open your eyes to a whole new way of encouraging the learning process."

Katey N

"Excellently written, this is a clear, concise and reader-friendly introduction to Neurolanguage Coaching. Rachel, as ever, is both informative, and motivating and encourages the teacher to want to move onto new approaches."


Language Coaching Certification

Students learn faster and get better results with an accredited language coach. Our courses combine the principles of coaching, and the neuroscience of learning and language teaching for improved learning. We are the first language coaching school in the world to have our training accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

Neurolanguage Coaching at Work

Demonstration videos

The Neurolanguage Coach Network

ELC Global has created a worldwide network of Language Coaches who have been trained and certified by the ELC Language Coaching Certification Programme. The NLC network is a useful platform helping language learners or corporate training / HR managers to find suitable Language Coaches while at the same time providing Language Coaches with a forum where they can offer their language services and also connect with each other.

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