Adam Evans

Native speaker, English language coach with marketing experience and a bachelors degree in Social Sciences. Adam has worked with a huge variety of language courses from business to academic. He is CELTA qualified and has years of teaching experience.

Adam uses his knowledge and experience to generate exciting course dynamics that give learners the agency to learn. He has been CELTA qualified since 2011, and in 2014 worked with Henkel International Marketing Unit as an intern to develop a deeper understanding into marketing communication. As a believer in lifelong learning he is currently finishing a second bachelors in Business Management. Ultimately language courses with Adam focus always follow the learner’s wishes.

Alexis O’ Connolly

Executive and Management English language coaching. Business English coaching. Specialised in project and museum management. Fluent in German and English.
Certified Language Coach


Alexis O’ Connolly, born in Connecticut, USA, has been living in Germany since 2004. Alexis has an MA in Museum Studies: Collection Management, as well as a BA in International Affairs. She is a Certified Results Coaching Systems coach and a TOEIC examiner, specialising in language, as well as in executive and management and cultural coaching. Alexis has years of experience in museum and project management and is fluent in both German and English. She also does translations from German to English.

Andrew Colehan

MSc, Adv Dip Ed, Cert Ed
Background in psychology, education and training with over 20 years experience in multi-nationals in UK, Europe, USA, Russian and Middle East.
Certified Language Coach


Andy’s background in psychology, education and training has enabled him to develop unique and creative ways for enabling people to make behavioural shifts. He gained his skills in a variety of senior management positions Andy has over twenty years management and consulting experience in providing business development, training, coaching, facilitation, to multi-national organisations in the UK, Middle East, USA, Europe, Russia and the ex Soviet countries. He utilises an innovative and pragmatic approach alongside his extensive specialist skills in behaviour organisation and change, conflict resolution, negotiation, workplace relationships, leadership, motivation and advanced communication skills – to move organisations forward and increase employee effectiveness. All courses are designed by Psychologists and are customised to meet with your needs using the latest techniques in Psychology and human development to give you the “advantage” over your competitors.

Björn Bentlage

Arabic language specialist, coaching from both German and English. German language coaching. TOEIC examiner. Fluent in German, Classical Arabic, Egyptian Arabic, English and some Turkish.

Björn Bentlage studied Oriental Studies, Islam Social Studies and Germanistics at Bochum University and Alexandria until 2007, when he achieved his degree. He taught Arabic at the University of Bonn and has been giving private lessons in Arabic, Egyptian Arabic and German for over four years. As a German native, Björn´s perfect English means that he is able to teach German and Arabic not only from German but also from English as the base teaching language. Björn is also available for workshops in Arabic language and intercultural training having had so much experience in various Arab countries.

Claudia Schönberg

Language and intercultural coach with an MA’s degree in English, German, and Educational Science. Business English and Business German as well as English and German for special purposes at all levels. Coaching of teams and individuals.

Claudia studied languages and Educational Science at Bochum and Newcastle Universities and has been working in language and intercultural coaching for more than a decade. Her experience with clients from all over the world working for international corporations at executive or operational level provides her with a broad range of understanding clients’ needs in different cultural and business contexts. Claudia’s courses are tailored to coachees’ needs in order to leverage her clients’ own resources in achieving new levels of communicative competence and making shifts with long-lasting effects. Claudia facilitates clients’ understanding of and adaptation to new environments to give her clients the edge over competitors. Courses, covering CEFR A1 to C2, are both for clients preparing for and in transition into new roles and contexts, and clients expanding their scope of communication within the range of their present environment.

Daria Stepanova

German Language coach. Fluent in Russian, German and English.
Certified Language Coach

Daria Stepanova is an experienced and qualified German teacher, having taken her degree at Ruhr University Bochum in Oriental studies and specialised in German language teaching. As a native Russian, Daria understands well the problems of the German language and specialises not only in business German in her courses, but also combines classic methods with alternative ones, for example with drama in education method. Daria speaks fluent Russian, German and English. She is currently working as a freelancer as well as working on radio and theatre teaching language projects.

Frank Günther

English and German language coaching. Executive and Management English language coaching. Experienced in energy sector, petrochemical and health care industry, especially with Health & Safety, Audits and Project Management. Professional background in health care with bioethical and intercultural issues. Preparatory courses for language certificates in English and German.
Certified Language Coach

Since returning from the USA in 2001, Frank has been teaching English and German as a freelancer in a wide range of industries and institutions. During his ten-year-residency throughout California he received professional training in Clinical Pastoral Education, was certified and worked full-time as a hospital chaplain. He is specialized in interpersonal skills and counseling, crisis intervention and has extensive experience with multicultural and ethical issues. Prior to that he did graduate coursework in theology/philosophy at the University of Bonn while going through a spiritual formation programme. Besides coaching he enjoys running a philosophy debating course with native and non-native speakers. Frank is a certified Language Coach (ELC and ICF accredited language certification coaching course).

Rochelle Hoffmann

Executive and Management English language coaching. Business English coaching. Specialised in the energy sector and in particular wind energy and renewables. Business English and German translations. Fluent in English and German.
Certified Language Coach

Rochelle Hoffmann has been teaching as a freelancer since the year 2000 when she left her native India and came to Europe. She obtained her degree in Economics in Mumbai, India and gained extensive knowledge of business through her work as a Head Merchandiser for a textile company in Mumbai. Rochelle also has the TEFL qualification and is a TEFL examiner and realised an FTBE preparatory course. At the moment Rochelle is working towards becoming an official translator for German. She is fluent in German language and has 9 years of experience teaching English for energy companies and renewable companies.

Stefano Stoppani

Stefano Stoppani – Italian lawyer fluent in German and Italian. Specialised in international trade seminars for Germans and legal Italian for Germans.

Stefano Stoppani is practising lawyer in Verona (Italy), taking legal advice and assistance in contentious and non-contentious matters. In particular Stefano works with issues of private international law relating to legal relations between Italy and the German-speaking countries. He studied in Italy (University of Trento) and Germany (at the University of Saarland and at the Institute of European Law University of Saarbruecken). After graduating he studied peace- keeping operations in Sarajevo (Bosnia Herzegovina) and specializes in the regulation of trade between Germany and Italy at the Inter-University Centre of Ferrara. He is a member of several international associations of lawyer and has taught international trade law courses financed by the European Social Fund. Stefano is a native Italian and speaks fluent German.

Walter Bachem

Executive and Management English language coaching, particularly in Business and Legal English. Translations (G/E, E/G) in a wide range of areas. Bilingual in German and English.

Walter Bachem, native German, looks back on over 30 years of teaching and examining at the Ruhr University, Bochum (English Department), specialising in the fields of linguistics and ESP (Fachsprachen). His PhD was in Comparative Literature, and his publications include a Legal English dictionary (Cornelsen, 3rd ed.). Areas of (linguistic) specialization are rhetoric & stylistics, corporate culture, image construction and stereotypes as well as contract & employment law. Serving on various national and international examining boards sharpened his awareness of cross-cultural differences in expressing and representing attitudes, norms and values.

Wendy Wallace Husser

Coach and Business English Trainer; specialized in presentation and public speaking skills, Consultant for Facial Emotion Recognition, Fluent in English and German. Certified Language Coach.

Originally from the U.S., Wendy Wallace Husser, has travelled extensively and lived abroad most of her life. Wendy is based in Berlin and fluent in German. She is an expert Coach and Business English trainer whose 20-year career path also features solid Sales and Marketing experience. Wendy provides freelance training and coaching services to clients in such diverse fields as Banking and Finance, Human Resources, Journalism and Aviation. She also channels her public speaking talent and expertise into specialized presentation coaching for those who need to pitch, promote and persuade successfully. Her list of credentials include; a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) and the TEFL certification. Wendy is a qualified International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) English Proficiency Examiner and a licensed consultant in the Facial Emotion Recognition (FER) tool – Mimikresonanz ® -developed in Germany and based on the work of Paul Ekman. Wendy’s main focus; to help clients become excellent communicators – whether in the boardroom or on the beach.

Wolff M. Reinecke

Business English coaching. Specialised Technical English and English for architects. Fluent in German and English.

Wolff Michael Reinecke was born in Canada and lived there until his early twenties, then moved to Germany and finished his education with a degree in Architecture in 2001. He worked in the office of Peter Eisenman as a staff designer and realized numerous installations and stage settings in cooperation with the choreographers Felix Ruckert and Robert Poole and has received international prizes for his exhibition concepts and installations. Over the last 10 years Wolff has also gained wide experience teaching as a freelancer in both German and English business and commercial English as well as architectural and technical purposes. He has taught at energy companies, chemical refineries, real estate companies and certification agencies. He also does in technical translations and is currently working towards his coaching certification with Results Coaching Systems.

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